AVA Security 360 Black

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The AI-powered 360 panoramic security camera is ideal for locations that require coverage in all directions. Installed either indoors or outdoors, our panoramic camera captures wide scenes in high resolution in even the harshest of environments and with low light. The 360 comes with built-in intelligent AI analytics, optional storage with up to 60 days retention, and integrates seamlessly with the Ava Aware Cloud video management system.

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Ava 360

Ava 360 Camera Black. 9MP resolution. AI-powered pano camera, IR and advanced microphone array, indoor and outdoor, up to 10 year warranty with an active Aware license.

Monitor video smarter with threat detection in real-time
The 360 series integrates advanced intelligence via image recognition, machine learning, and acoustics to automatically identify events highlighted in the video feed or trigger real-time notifications directly in the app or third-party instant communication systems. It enables security teams to find events and objects faster and organizations to be more proactive, preventing threats from becoming incidents. The cameras also identify specific sound patterns, such as screaming, gunshots, breaking glass, smoke alarms, car alarms, ultrasound, or loud noises, to determine the type of sound and its direction.


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