Glassbrudd detektor akustisk, for plate, herdet, tråd og laminat

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Easy to install and test

Available in both surface and flush mount versions (GS913N), installation is quick and easy. There are no sensitivity adjustments to worry about and a new test feature means only one trip up the ladder. Simply activate the tester next to the GS903N and the unit goes into test mode. A unique test assures end-users that the unit is powered and ready to detect. The sensor will blink twice, but will not trip when a loud hard clap is made close to the unit.

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Akustisk glassbrud detektor

  • No sensitivity adjustment required
  • Detects through blinds and light curtains
  • End user can test sensor operation with a clap of the hands (GS903N/GS913N)
  • Rated for all types of glass including plate, laminated, tempered and wired
  • Listens for the pattern of breaking glass across the frequency spectrum


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